Why to start home business online?  Many of us get frustrated and give up due to that there are many ways to make money online, too many we could say. The problem is that people often get confused when hunting the latest number 1 product or service. This often leads to the situation that they are never able to build a successful = money generating online business.


Among the latest and greatest offers there are also a lot of scam and after been scammed few times you may think that it isn’t worth it. That is totally understandable. BUT THERE IS A GOOD REASON TO START YOUR OWN ONLINE BUSINESS, WHEN YOU FIND A RIGHT PLACE.  I’m going to show you how online success works when you realize your own potential with help of best online entrepreneurs. How can you earn revenue and leverage the internet environment to grow your business.







Anyone can achieve success online. There are 2 billion users on the internet and regardless what is your niche or marketing plan you have plenty of people that you can connect with. Above you see the Wealthy Affiliate homepage. Wealthy Affiliate is an online business platform that offers you all that you need for getting started your online business; all basic resources, website builder, hosting, online security, most complete training and the help and support of 800 000 members. Members at Wealthy Affiliate succeed at the highest rate out of any platform online!


There’s no need for any special experience, skills or existing online business. Everything which are related with online business will be trained at Wealthy Affiliate within your membership. However, success is not an event which is expected to align. It happens step by step and unfortunately it takes some time. But you have maybe noticed that there aren’t any “get rich over night” -schemes out there which works.


You need patience, long-distance plans and thinking and the determination to move forward to next step. Every lesson, every blog you write, every step you make will steer  towards your personal success. Wealthy Affiliate has an own affiliate program with high commissions and a full recurring commission structure and it’s able for you to create  a full time income by promoting your own WA community. Here’s a great video ,Wealthy Affiliate walk-through where Kyle the co-founder of WA shows how you can benefit from WA. Click the image and watch.


wa video





Wealthy Affiliate is #1  online business training community with over 800000 members, advanced technologies, integrity &commitment and world-class training. Below you see a list of different issues which WA can offer:

  • Simplistic, easy to follow training modules and courses (step-by-step with tasks)
  • Video training, Tutorial training, Classroom training and Courses
  • Live, 24/7/365 discussions and chats
  • 13+ Full, Interactive Classrooms                                                                                                 getting started lessons
  • State of the art SiteRubix Website Platform
  • Managed WordPress Hosting for up to 50 websites
  • Live & Interactive Help, 24/7/365
  • State of the Art Secure and Fast Hosting
  • Access to Industry Experts & Millionaires
  • A strict spam free environment.
  • Personal “motivators” within the community
  • Completely FREE to Get Started! (with no catches)
  • Tons of awesome improvements/innovations coming in 201
  • And we continue to update and improve our service every single day.


As you’ve noticed there are a lot of stuff and it can appear to be overwhelming at first. Don’t worry it is normal to feel overwhelmed but get you time and you’ll  suddenly catch affairs. Stick with Wealthy Affiliate and you will achieve, and exceed your goals. Here’s one example of video tutorials and an indication of how quickly you can create your own home page at WA.

set up your website in 30 seconds






You can sign in Wealthy Affiliate through my links below. After clicking links you arrive on the WA home page. Just write your name, email address and create your username and password on the sign in form. This is all info you need to provide to get started. When you scroll the screen down you find the 4-step process of how  the Wealthy Affiliate training will help you to start making money online from home. After signing in you get into WA community’s main page, the Activity Dashboard. At the top left is a green logo(red arrow) Get Started Here, click that and you’re just on your way to success.   getting rolling


The best thing is that you can  JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE FOR FREE!  As a free starter member you will get up to 20 of 120 available lessons, 2 programmed websites, and 30 Jaaxy keyword searches for free. WA has also a totally free keyword tool for use. Through your free lessons, you can learn the basics of online marketing; building your website, keyword research, search engine optimization (SEO) and of course how to make money with your resources. You can do all this without no charge and after that decide does Wealthy Affiliate act as you wish.


There is a paid membership that includes everything WA can offer as shown earlier ‘what WA actually offers’  and that is 19$ for the first month and then $49.00 per month. You surely ask is it worth it?  My answer is absolutely YES. The Premium Membership gives everything to its members to succeed.


There are very many WA members who makes a full time income off the education accomplished from the Wealthy Affiliate community helping each other. The word-class training really teaches you how to make money online without any products to sell. For example if you invite two new members to WA, with those commissions you can pay your monthly fees. You can see all the Wealthy Affiliate options from the image below.





So, if you want up to date online education in everything about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, getting traffic, using videos, email listing, PPC, and social media marketing the Wealthy Affiliate is the place you can find that all.  There are a lot of success stories at Wealthy Affiliate and here’s  few among them.

How To Generate $ 0 To $10 k Per Month In 3 Years

3 Steps To $2000

Sold A Domain Name For $2000




In this post I’ve tried to do my best to describe what is the Wealthy Affiliate Community. which are its contents and resources and how you can join the WA Community.

Now it’s your turn to decide if you are ready to discover closer the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s totally up to you if you want to do it or not. I wish to highlight that it’s totally free to join the FREE STARTER  MEMBERSHIP  and there’s no obligations to go to PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP if you think that it’s not for you. You will not be charged if you don’t continue further. I can promise that.


So if you are interested you can START YOUR FREE MEMBERSHIP JOURNEY HERE

Have  A Nice Trip!

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